Stay always inspired./Little else matters but the shoe./Miley Ray Cyrus.Robyn Rihanna Fenty./ I'm a shopaholic./ My dream is go and live in NYC. Love. Live. Laugh. Have fun. Be happy. Dream. Take all the photos I can. Capture moments./Always with my Canon./Never be afraid of doing something different,dare to be something more.
15:50 Sunset 🌅
10:31 Eneko Santos, September 2014, Port of San Sebastian.
14:02 Eneko Santos,September 2014.
14:01 Eneko Santos,September 2014.
14:00 Eneko Santos, September 2014.
15:48 I fell in love with Paris at night💕 #goodnight
08:43 My girls, Alkiza 2014.
08:43 Eneko Santos, September 2014.
08:41 Hangover
08:41 Selfie
08:40 Eneko Santos, September 2014.
08:39 Selfie
08:38 Naroa and Eneko, September 2014, Film Festival of San Sebastian.
08:37 Naroa and Eneko, September 2014.
08:36 Naroa and Eneko in love.